Arena plans to take off

Fri 1 February 2019, 4:20 pm

Malaysian developer and utilities provider YTL has revealed plans for a 16,000-capacity arena in the Filton area of Bristol, which would be the third largest in the UK. If plans are approved, the arena would be part of a wider, multimillion pound privately funded development, including 2,600 homes and a new railway station by the venue.

YTL bought the Filton airfield in 2015, with plans to build a new city district around the two-mile runway, where both Concorde and the giant 1950s airliner, the Bristol Brabazon, were developed.

With an area of 10ha, the three interlinked hangars are one of the largest continuous footprints in Europe, and could fit London’s O2 Arena inside.

The firm is currently appointing a design team for the project. Once designed, the scheme will be presented as a detailed planning application in summer 2019. If successful, YTL is committed to building an arena in the city by autumn 2022.

Plans for the central Temple Island site were set to one side in September 2018, following the ‘value for money’ report requested by Mayor Marvin Rees, in the face of spiralling costs.

The two-hectare site will instead be home to a mixed-use development of a 345-room hotel, 550 new homes – including 220 classed as affordable – and two ‘grade A’ office buildings.