New homes planned for older people

Thu 9 January 2020, 3:06 pm

More than £500,000 of funding has been awarded to Bristol City Council to help develop 50 new homes for older people with care and support needs.

The money, a Local Authority Accelerated Construction (LAAC) grant from Homes for England, will be used to prepare the Blake site in Lockleaze, north Bristol, for new housing.

The new flats will be intended for older people with needs, to help them to live active and independent lives, and at least 30 per cent of the homes will be affordable.

Councillor Paul Smith, cabinet member for housing, said: “Making sure everyone has access to affordable housing in Bristol remains one of our top priorities however this scheme has added benefits of helping older people live more active and independent lives.

“The funding from Homes England will help us get building more quickly, and our plans for the site prioritise the use of more sustainable, modern hybrid building methods. This will reduce time on site and minimise the impact on the local community, whilst delivering high quality homes.”

The council aims to provide housing in support of the Better Lives Programme, where older individuals with a range of individual needs will live alongside young people in an intergenerational setting.

Councillor Helen Holland, cabinet member for adult social care, said: “We know that people who stay as independent as they can, within communities that they are familiar with where possible, have a much better quality of life and an improved sense of wellbeing.

“This development in the heart of Lockleaze will help people to maintain their independence and live alongside neighbours, whilst getting access to 24/7 care and support, with community facilities. We hope that this exciting new intergenerational community setting will help to reduce individual needs for long term care and minimise social isolation. It’s a model we would like to see in many other communities across the city.”